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Daily businesses realize the importance of a corporate outing filled with team-building activities. Most significant or small companies have realized the potential of corporate outings. Celebrating your organization’s growth with your employees and their families is a lot to gain. Through fun-filled team-building activities, work families can bond together. All the staff in an organization are a team, and there must be proper communication and cooperation outside work hours to ensure smooth work operation. 

A corporate family day is meant to showcase the bond between everyone involved in the organization. A family outing is not just a corporate event you must participate in as employees of the company, but it is meant to develop familial bonds between the staff. A team stands for family, and family only works with team effort. 

Team outings are a great way to reduce stress and work burnout and foster good feelings among the employer(s) and employees. Since we cannot make time for corporate family outings often, it is essential to make the day fun and entertaining for everyone. Field trips and professional development activities will be the event’s primary focus. The location and activity will change depending on the people involved in the outing. It could be a day out at a golf course, a fun-filled puzzle game in an escape room, or a weekend trip to a resort with team-building activities. Whatever activity or theme you choose, ensure it is fun and exciting for everyone. 

So why exactly do we need corporate family outings? 

Let’s be honest. Corporate outings are often not well accepted by employees. Most of these corporate events take place over the weekend and take away the break from professional work. Although you are not exactly working in a corporate work event, you will still technically be under work hours. Sometimes, these outings can also become embarrassing for those who do not perform well in team-building activities. The goal is to foster more good feelings and not create any alienation. So, why exactly do we need these corporate family outings?  

It boosts the morale of the team 

Team building activities and a work-family outing are much-needed breaks from the cubicle.  Everyone working under the same corporation will be under the same roof and socializing together, which is impossible during regular work hours. A fun day outside will boost team morale and uplift their spirit. 

It builds trust among team members 

When partaking in group activities together, you have to communicate and cooperate reasonably with each other. You will have to divide your roles and discuss your roles with each other. Trust is a driving force for any group activity. Going through fun missions and games will help build that trust among team members. 

It increases overall productivity 

It is simple. The more people are in sync; the more productive their work would be. Through a fun field family corporate event, you can let the employees associate with each other. This partnership, later on, will help increase the overall productivity of the employees. 

Increases communication among peers 

 As we all know, communication is essential in all aspects of our lives. You need to communicate whether you are working, playing sports, or planning a breakout from an escape room. Corporate events where you can bond together and display correctly becomes a healthy approach to increasing communication among peers. 

Reduces barriers between employees and their supervisor 

In corporate family events, everyone gets to mingle without distinction. This event becomes an opportunity for all employees (irrespective of their position in the workplace) to participate and interact with each other. Although a certain level of formality remains, it becomes easier for everyone to interact without thinking about their designations. 

It also helps identify people with leadership quality 

Pulling off a successful corporate family event is not easy. You are either planning the event or ensuring it does not get dull. In the middle of planning the event itinerary and taking charge of the games, you will come across the strength of each corporation member. You get to recognize the leadership quality of the employees and identify people capable of handling themselves in unpredictable situations. 

These carefully planned corporate family outings will be an opportunity for the critical decision-makers of the company to familiarize themselves with their employees. Through fun and games, they will try to gauge the employees’ understanding and potential level. Future work allocation might be influenced by the skills shown in a family event. So, corporate family outings need to go very well. 

If you are someone who has been charged with preparing for a corporate family outing, you must be feeling the pressure. But don’t you worry. If you are trying to look up information on how to create a truly fantastic and memorable corporate family day, look no further. We have noted several tips you will need before diving into your corporate family day planning. Read along to learn more. 

Tips on How to Create a Truly Fantastic and Memorable Corporate Family Day 

1. Start with a professional event planner 

Some things are better left to the professionals. So, if you are tasked with arranging the corporate family outing, start by hiring an event planner. An event planner will be better equipped to handle the finer details of any event. After getting their basic guidelines, you can easily plan out your vision. A professional event planner will assist you and help you keep track of all the necessary things that must be done to make the event a success. 

2. Decide on a budget 

After hiring an event planner to guide you, decide on a budget. You must have a budget in mind before you plan out details. The budget has to be your starting point, so it becomes easier to choose an appropriate theme. Based on the preliminary budget, you can make other plans. 

3. Choose a theme 

Next, you should focus your attention on choosing an appropriate theme. Only when you decide on an article can you allocate the budget for the event. You will also have to consider the piece that will suit all your guests and under which capacity. Since it will be a corporate event, the primary article has to be business casual. This means you have to make the event family-friendly and straightforward and not lose track of the original intent. Decide on the central concept, design, decoration, and food facilities. 

4. Go into details 

After fixing the theme of the corporate event, you have to get into the finer details. Choosing a venue will be your primary concern. The place must be near the city (best if it is closer to the workplace), and the timing also has to be convenient for all employees.

 Decide on the venue, the timing, transportation (it would be advisable that all employees go together), and form of entertainment. Other details will include; Information tent (or center depending on the location), parking, first aid allocation, emergency electricity, water and gas supplies, fire extinguisher for an emergency, restrooms, portable tables, chairs, umbrellas, utensils, food catering services, trashcans, and anything else necessary for the day. 

5. Always get input from all levels 

Always get input from all levels of the organization. This will help you clearly understand the expectations and improve your plan. Whether they are key stakeholders, or temporary employees, as long as they participate in the event, take their input. Keep everyone aware and engaged with the process. 

6. Look for a suitable venue 

A lot will be riding on the choice of venue. Make sure to find a family-friendly location with all kinds of entertainment and ample air to encourage employee participation. It is best if the site is inside or close to the city. 

7. Consider the family aspect 

Since it will be a corporate family event, employees will likely be asked to bring their families if possible. That means there will be a high chance employees will accompany their spouses and kids. This means you must remember that the games and entertainment do not single them out. Keep kids’ fair games and performances; if possible, you can make a kid’s table for them. 

8. Make a final guest list 

Make a guest list as you go. Ask employees to RSVP so that you can get a headcount and plan accordingly. Before you give the final catering orders, create a new and final guest list. This will reduce the chance of miscommunication and any last-minute troubles. 

9. Make sure to get everyone’s contact details 

Always make sure to get everyone’s contact details. Whether they are associated with the event management or the corporate organization, keep their contact details (personal numbers, work mail Ids, etc.) in case of any emergency. 

10. Put effort into your invitations 

Your invitations must be inviting enough for extensive participation by the employees. Ditch physical invitations and go green. Fun and creatively designed E-invites will give a good impression before the event. 

11. Decide on a menu 

Go for traditional items to minimize the burden when deciding on the menu. Make sure the flavors are palatable for kids and adults alike. Ask everyone for their dietary restrictions, allergies, and medical conditions before you finalize your menu. Check the itinerary and decide if you are providing breakfast, lunch, and snacks together or not. This will reduce any miscommunication among the people. 

12. Think of team-building activities 

A corporate family day will be incomplete without team-building activities and relaxing entertainment. Choose a primary type of entertainment resting on a weekend event. But also keep fun games and similar activities. This may include soccer matches, boat riding, tennis, treasure hunt, etc. Through such team-building activities, you can improve the bond between all the employees in the corporation. 

13. Keep entertainment in mind 

When deciding on entertainment, factor in the inclusion of amusement; this primary entertainment can be movie screenings, singing performances, dances, magic tricks, and more. If you have a special kids’ table, you can provide them with coloring books. Teenagers can access a photobooth (adults can also partake in this activity, don’t worry!). 

14. Activities for all ages 

The event will be successful if it is inclusive. You can make the kids partake in competitive sports instead of their parents. Father-son soccer matches are all the rage now. You can try out baseball matches if there are enough players. Anyone, irrespective of age, can also participate in puzzle games like escape rooms. Spouses can also put down their names for singing competitions. 


Planning a corporate family event seems like a daunting task. That is why you will need to have a proper plan. But it is also crucial that you have fun. Don’t fret about the minor details, and go with the flow of the day. Focus your energy on having a fun-filled day with your work family. Play games, eat good food, and return to a better bond with everyone in your organization. I hope your next corporate family event becomes a blast! 

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