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Origin PC is one of the most well-known brands for custom laptop and desktop builds. Throughout the years, they have turned Origin into a very reputable and trustworthy brand with a decent-sized fanbase.

There has been continuing debate about which brand is better – Alienware or Origin PC. There are good points for and against each brand, so it all boils down to a matter of personal choice.

While Alienware has focused more on aesthetics like RGB lights, Origin PC aims for more customization options. Still, both offer top-notch and elite-level builds that can meet any type of demand.

This article lets you know more about Origin PC as well as some information if you want to build your own laptop or desktop computer on a budget.

Where is Origin PC?

Origin PC operates out of Miami, Florida. Aside from Miami being their head office, it is also here that all machines are built and all orders processed.

Customer support is also based in the US, although their exact location is not specified. However, products used in the assembly of the actual machines may be sourced from other locations, specifically Asian countries like China.

This approach makes sure that Americans are hired for a bulk of the tasks needed to run the business. This is a business model that is similar with their main competitor, Alienware.

Who is the Founder of Origin PC?

You may see that Origin PC shares pretty much the same niche as Alienware, specifically the custom-built computer market. This is because Origin was actually founded by former Alienware employees.

Origin PC was founded by Kevin Wasielewski, Richard Cary, and Hector Penton in 2009. The happened after Alienware was acquired by technology giant Dell in 2006.

The three were former executives of Alienware and set out on their own to create high-performance computers with a lot more options for customization.

Today, the three original founders still work at Origin PC, with Wasielewski serving as CEO, Cary as President, and Penton as Chief Operating Officer.

In 2019, Origin PC was acquired by Corsair, making it one of their subsidiaries. They still continue to create some of the best builds for gamers, enthusiasts, and power users alike.

What is the Best Gaming PC Brand?

Some of the best gaming PC brands include Lenovo, Corsair, Alienware, NZXT, Origin, Acer, and many more. Most of these brands have machines for every budget.

Of course, specifications would vary from brand to brand and model to model. Prices will jump a lot as well, both when it comes to specs and depending on the brand itself.

There are also desktop and laptop computers that come out of the box, while other brands, like Alienware, Origin PC, and NZXT, that aim more towards those who want to create their own customized builds.

While choosing the right specs based on your requirements is very important, you pretty much cannot go wrong going with these brands because of their quality products and high levels of customer support.

What is the Best PC to Buy?

Personally, our bet for best PC is the Origin Neuron. It was launched two years ago but it can still perform at levels equal to or better than more current releases.

Costing anywhere from around 2000 to 5000 collars, the Neuron line can contain either Intel Core i9 and GeForce RTX GPUs, or AMD equivalents.

Corsair DDR5 RAMs and Samsung SSDs provide a lot of memory, while Corsair coolers and fans keep the entire rig running at optimal conditions.

While not as pretty as an Alienware setup, the origin has a lot of customization available, not only when it comes to colors but in terms of upgrades and performance as well.

The Neuron is extremely easy to upgrade, although you are pretty limited when it comes to brand options especially since Origin is Corsair-owned and all.

Also, the Origin Neuron is a bit more expensive than other models or similar build, but you definitely can’t beat the myriad of customization and upgrade options as well as the spectacular level of support that you get from the company.

Is $1,000 a Lot for a PC?

To be honest, $1000 is not a lot for a PC, especially if you are going to require a lot of processing power.

A thousand bucks is pretty much on the lower end spectrum of computers, especially if you want to use it for gaming. For this amount, even opening multiple tabs on a browser can even pose as a challenge.

Some components alone, such as GPUs or SSDs, can cost $800 or more. Of course, you can opt to get cheaper alternatives, but you will suffer when it comes to performance and display issues will most likely occur.

This applies not only for gaming, but also for software developers or video content creators. You would need a lot of processing power so your CPUs and RAM must be upgraded accordingly. Otherwise, you will see a large drop in terms of productivity or refresh rates.

You can probably build a cheap but high-performing machine for $1,000 but you would have to sacrifice some non-essentials. You can also opt to build your own machines or buy used components.

Regardless, performance is directly proportional to the cost in most instances. This means that the more powerful your PC is, the more you will have to spend is the rule of thumb.

For Origin PC builds, for instance, the cheapest unit that you can get ranges from 1,5000 to 2,000 dollars.

You can also opt to buy used to get used computers just so you don’t go over the budget. Of course, don’t expect performance at the same level as it had when it was brand new.

Is $1,000 Good for a PC?

A very good 1440p gaming PC may cost around 800 to 1000 dollars. This can be pretty good for games that are a couple of years old, but you may have to lower resolution and other settings for newer games for it to behave as needed.

A thousand dollars may also not cover higher-end peripherals such as monitors or headsets as these can cost hundreds of dollars alone.

A budget of $1000 for a brand-new rig is pretty decent, but don’t expect it to have a stellar performance for intense processing requirements, for 4K resolution display and rendering, or for high FPS games.


High-spec PCs often come at a price. However, by knowing exactly what you will be using it for as well as which components to splurge or skimp on, you can probably save a few hundred dollars for your dream build.

Companies like Origin PC also give you the distinct advantage of being very customizable and upgradeable, which means that you can squeeze in a few more years of usability even if hardware requirements jump up.

Our personal experience with this brand has been very positive. Of course, there are other brands that provide both out-of-the-box and customizable solutions for your computer needs.

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