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Escape rooms are the headliners of the entertainment industry currently on a global scale. People across age groups and other differentiators seem to be fascinated by the concept equally. And there are good reasons for them to be so. An inclusive activity that can bring people together, offer some next-level fun, and teach you important soft skills? Now that is what you call a recipe for success! 

Whether you try out your first escape room in Japan or try out your hand in an escape room in Palm Springs, the enchanting activity will keep you coming for more. So, it will be good to know a few tips and tricks to ensure no escape game of yours ends in you losing to the ticking clock. Get ready, grab your pen and paper, and start taking notes! Here are the 7 practical escape room tips that will help you win your next escapade:  

  • Wear comfortable, close-toed shoes and clothes that let you breathe! 

It is always advisable to go for close-toed shoes for any game that involves players indulging in any form of physical activity, and an escape room is certainly no exception to that!  

Wearing shoes that have a sturdy and tough design is the best choice to ace your escape room experience. Further, ensure that the shoes also fit comfortably and do not restrict your mobility in the game room. Sneakers are possibly the best options in this case. 

You also need a really comfortable set of pants to ensure a seamless escape experience. Though usually, they are not physically intensive, some escape games might require you to crawl or bend over, which will be difficult in a skirt or a tight-fitting pair of jeans. It is always better to go for a pair of joggers, sweatpants, or any loose-fitting option.   

Now that the bottoms are sorted, you need to pick a comfortable top piece as well. Breathable cotton tops are always good. You can also opt for other materials such as rayon. Avoid wearing fragile fabrics such as silk or georgette since they can easily get stuck on pointy corners and get ripped. You should also stay away from wearing lighter colors since there is a risk of getting stains on them during the game. Most escape rooms are fully airconditioned but still, do your research and dress accordingly. You don’t want to sweat up a river or freeze your brain in the middle of a thrilling puzzle-solving relay.  

Remember, the bottom line is to be comfortable and maintain your full mobility. You don’t want to waste precious time fussing over your outfit in an escape room. 

  • Always choose the correct number of players to form the team

Another vital step in paving the way to winning the escape games is picking the correct number of people to form your team. Having too many people on your team is not a good choice to get going with your game. A huge team shall only seek to add to an overall increase in chaos in the game room.  

At the same time, having too few numbers of players to work as your time is going to make your escape room challenge tougher still as you race against time! Hence, it is better to choose not too many or too few people to play with you in the amazing escape room. Remember to choose the right number of players to form your team if you plan to win the game!  

Choose only such people to form your team whom you know well enough. 

In stark contrast to playing with people whom you do not know well, it is always a likable option to play with people with whom you are closely acquainted. By doing so, players can possess much higher and better compatibility as they work with them as their teammates.  

On the other hand, working with people whom you hardly know well significantly decreases your chances of acing the escape game. Furthermore, by playing with people whom you know well, you also have the added advantage of being able to spend some quality time with them. That being said, make sure to choose people whom you know well enough to play on your team today.  

  • Communication is the key to a great escape! 

Communication is the key to acing you through the escape room game today. Team members need to continuously keep communicating with each other about their recent discoveries efficiently. It is only when the team remains vocal and continues to share each other’s discoveries and ideas that they are able to walk in victory!  

Further, alongside voicing each other’s thoughts, it is also important that players remain patient as they hear the opinions of their fellow teammates. Giving equal value to the opinions of each of your teammates is important to ace your way to an amazing escape!  

  • Never spend far too much time solving just one puzzle! 

What happens with most new players in the escapades is that they end up spending far too much unnecessary time trying to solve one riddle. By doing this, they thus have less time in hand to solve the remaining riddles in the game. Managing time efficiently is a vital part of your escape room experience. Thus it becomes all the more essential for you to check that none of your teammates end up wasting too much time on one riddle.  

To work in an organized and proficient way inside the game room, you can work by dividing your entire team into small groups and work on the riddles. Do not spend too much time on one riddle and instead move on to the next when you feel you cannot solve a given riddle. You can always get back to these left-out riddles once you have solved the rest. By doing this, your team can efficiently finish the game in time. 

  • Do not hoard information from your teammates at any cost! 

Escape rooms are essentially team games, where the aim is to play together towards a shared goal. In playing an escape room game today, team members must remember to share all their discoveries with the rest of the team.  

Hiding what you have discovered from your teammates would only slow down or act as a hindrance to your way of winning the escape room game. Every player needed to remain vocal in sharing their discoveries with the rest of the team at every point during the game.   

  • Remain organized as you follow the trail of the game

In most escape games, it is found that none of the objects that you see in the game are not going to be used more than once. So, it is vital for you to ensure that your team members do not keep on stumbling across items that have already been used at least once in the game.  

You can do this by separating a specific spot in the room where you can pile up all those objects that have already been used in the process of the game. By doing this, players can easily bypass all those objects that have already been used and do not end up wasting their time unnecessarily. You can also set a separate spot for objects whose usability has not been uncovered yet. Doing this will help players easily locate these objects when they might need them. 

Curated by smart and intelligent people, escape room games generally have a purpose behind every little object that is kept inside them. It is hard to find objects without any purpose in an escape room, except for red herrings, of course! Looked at intricately, even the red herrings have a purpose of diverting you from the right path in the escape rooms. Make sure that your team can uncover this trail efficiently and follows it right up to the core!  

Now with these top 7 amazing escape room tips and hints up your sleeve, you are geared up to face any escape room team challenge that comes your way. Head on to any escape room near you today and enjoy the fantastic thrill and chase that follows you inside the escapades. Take a break from your mundane schedule of everyday life and enjoy your time playing these games with your friends and family.