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Why did the settlers get the message that there are no taxes without a representative?

Essentially written by James Otis around 1761, it describes the outrage of African Americans in the country taxed in the British Parliament, which did not elect members of the British Parliament, which became a national half-language before the American Revolution. “Collecting taxes without an agent is a crime. “

What does the word No Taxation With Representation mean and why has it become a cry for the American Revolution? “There is no tax without a representative” (the cry of the American Revolution) suggests that taxation is major support for Britain and the United States.

One of the main grievances of the settlers was that they had no say in government to control them.
Who had the idea of ​​not paying taxes without an agent? James Otis
Firebrand lawyer James Otis has criticized the phrase “taxation without representation is terrorism” in a public debate.

Who comes without tax without a representative?

What is the main point of contention of the people of the country against the tax law? The settlers were outraged when Congress decided to allow them to buy stamps without permission. They think Congress should have a representative so they can decide whether or not to pay taxes. Without representatives, the colony fell into chaos.
What did the settlers do to the tax code? The negative effects of colonization on the rule of law include protests against British products, attacks and attacks on tax collectors.

What upset the settlers?

In the 1770s, many leaders were outraged by the lack of self-government. This means that they can control themselves and set their own rules. They had to pay big taxes to the king. They think they are paying taxes to a government that has no representatives.

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