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1.            The Last of Us Part 1

Play as Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us Part 1 on Linux for an unrivalled gameplay experience like never before. Set in post-apocalyptic USA, the game follows the two main characters and their journey through ruined cities littered with infected zombies and cannibals.

Improved graphics, interactive gameplay, and so much more comes in this improved version to deliver gamers a better handle on their journey through a post-apocalyptic world.  

2.            Counter–Strike 2

The second Counter – Strike instalment promises gamers a true sequel to its original and lots more. It follows the theme of its predecessor – Counter Strike: Global Offensive – delivering an immersive first-person shooting game all Linux users will love. Gamers keen to get a strategic action game set in a combat atmosphere will love what this game brings to the table.

Complete objectives throughout this game in its thrilling story mode and move on to its detailed co-op environment. Gamers can engage in a co-op setting involving two teams. Players can team up to complete missions, carry out special tasks, and do much more in this action-packed sequel.

Some of the most popular modes from this action-packed game include Arms Race and Demolition where you compete against intelligent opponents. Valve developed this title, and it’s another exciting addition to the Linux system.

3.            Grand Theft Auto V

The most recent Grand Theft Auto instalment is available on Linux and promises an interactive gameplay experience from start to finish. Gamers can play Grand Theft Auto V (usually abbreviated as GTA V) and assume three distinct character roles throughout this game.

A range of wide updates and mods have greatly improved the gameplay experience of GTA V since its release over a decade ago. You get three playable characters to guarantee a unique and immersive gameplay experience in an open-city environment. With the newest GTA 6 instalment scheduled for release in 2025, it’s an excellent time to catch up with its exciting 2013 predecessor in GTA V.

4.            The Witcher 3

CD Projekt offers an exciting game experience through its latest instalment of The Witcher. Players can now enjoy this fantasy title through Proton (available on Steam) for a hassle-free gaming experience. Gamers get to play as Geralt in the popular title and traverse an open world with a range of exciting fantasy elements.

However, The Witcher 3 requires advanced system requirements that may not be available on low-end PCs. If your Linux PC has all the system requirements to run this instalment without issues, it will be an exciting experience to complete objectives throughout the game.

5.            Dying Light: Enhanced Edition

Dying Light ranks high up on the list of zombie adventure games millions love (and play) without much publicity and hype. The game has been around for some time and guarantees players an exciting edge to survival gaming like never before. If you’ve ever wanted to maul through a horde of zombies in an interactive gameplay environment, this title is a perfect fit.

The Linux version comes with an Enhanced Edition that bundles lots of fun aspects of this game into one. It also comes with an expanded storyline to include The Following, one of its most immersive gameplay experiences without doubt.

Gamers get chucked straight into an open-world environment left in ruins by a zombie pandemic with human settlements scattered throughout. Players can update their character, take advantage of parkour during combat or rooftop climbing, and so much more. Weapons are also available to help you chop up enemies with greater skill than ever before.

Take advantage of this title on Linux and be sure of an unforgettable experience with horrifying settings and so much detail for superior gaming fun.

6.            Total War: Warhammer II

Total War: Warhammer provides an exciting edge to gameplay most Linux gamers will love. The exciting title brings an exciting mix to open-world and action gaming with its striking visuals and interactive environment.

The second instalment into the Warhammer story sees players gain the ability to combine factions from its original into a larger campaign. Players get a unique gameplay adventure and can see top armies and berserker groups like Chaos, Undead, Skaven, and Lizardmen have a go at each other.

Fans of this Linux masterpiece can also draw solace from its exciting sub-titles to deliver an unforgettable experience without hassle. Two other breathtaking Total War games like Attila and Three Kingdoms gives users added fun from this exciting series of fantasy and action games.

7.            Valheim: Mistlands

Have you ever wanted to experience a Norse-themed game that delivers exciting adventure like never before? Check out Valheim: Midlands and its unmatched gameplay experience.

The game launched in 2021 and has become one of Linux’s most popular titles since release. It has a similar plot to many survival games and promises much more. With its immersive gameplay environment, co-op gaming, unique worlds with exciting features and so much more, Valheim promises an unmatched gaming experience.

Valheim is still an early access title but works without issue on Linux. The game receives useful updates and its full release is on schedule across other platforms.

Gamers in this Viking-themed world get to slay many mythical beasts to secure order in Valheim, a mythical but chaotic purgatory. Players get to experience another angle of the Viking fantasy story through this title, and it promises engaging scenes and striking visuals to entertain every Linux user.

8.            Life is Strange

Many gamers love Life is Strange as it offers an emotionally-boosted narrative. Gamers love its breathtaking score, immersive gameplay, and exciting objectives.

Players can experience this award-winning game through its emotional theme of youthful love, friendship, and so much more. This title receives its core element from a unique time-travel system, making it an exciting title most Linux gamers will love.

Player choices have consequences throughout this game and guarantees an unmatched experience. Gamers can take total control of how the game progresses and have a great influence on how events play out. Five (5) episodes through this title gives users an exciting narrative to drive their desire for immersive, fun, and unique gameplay.

Few sections of the game could seem rushed, especially in its dialogue area sometimes. However, the sketchy dialogue and common stereotypes around high school teens removes nothing from the game’s exciting buildup overall. You can get the first Life is Strange episode at no cost from Linux with striking visuals and everything else to keep you engaged.

9.            Control

Control offers an exciting mix of action and adventure unseen across many titles in its genre. The 2019 release promises an unmatched gaming experience and is available to play on different platforms, including the Linux.

You play as Jesse Faden in this game and your main objective is to explore a ground-zero of paranormal activities. A problem called ‘the Hiss’ has ravaged this location and you must do all you can to stop its spread.

Control promises an exciting narrative, immersive gameplay, and so much more to deliver you a thrilling title whenever you want. Take advantage of its smooth graphics and sleek gameplay to get the mix of action and adventure you’ve always wanted on Linux.

10.      Death Stranding: Director’s Cut

Kojima Productions developed Death Stranding: Director’s Cut in 2019 and it has gone on to become one of Linux’s best-ever titles since then. Hideo Kojima designed most aspects of this game, making it an AAA title worth playing. It comes with an immersive gameplay and striking graphics to keep all players engaged.

Gamers get to play as Sam Bridges, a staff porter for the company BRIDGES. Sam must deliver special cargo to humans who survived apocalyptic events, traversing challenging terrain to do so. Bridges must face enemies across the terrain and fight through bandit territory across stages to safely deliver cargo.

11.      Stray

Blue Twelve Studio developed Stray, and it has become an award-winning title since its launch. Players engage this game as a stray cast in a futuristic cyber-city packed with unique droids and other robotic creatures. Stray’s main objective is simple – navigate the city and get home with your robot pal.

There’s so much this game delivers on, and players can get a guaranteed entertaining experience without hassle. Its delivery of breathtaking art, clear graphics, an immersive gaming environment, and advanced gameplay is well ahead of competition.

Linux users get to play Stray in third-person and can make their way to explore different pathways, solve puzzles, and do much more within an interactive map. Gamers keen to enjoy an exciting casual adventure game will get enough fun from this unique title.

12.      Rim World

Linux users that enjoy a sci-fi game can get a unique experience through Rim World, one of the platform’s top titles. The game is a science fiction colony simulation that has successful versions across several low-end machines. Through this title, gamers can explore a simple theme that delivers complex aspects across objectives.

Many gamers resist the urge to dismiss this game solely on its 2D rendering, and it ends up being worth it later on. Rim World promises an advanced experience after staying on early access for many years before its complete release. Developers of this title have had enough time to perfect several aspects of this game to deliver an exciting experience most players love.

The game focuses on managing a human colony looking to survive in a world with many tribes. Users get to learn a lot about farming, settlement establishment, tribe raiding, and much more. Players can execute this game with different characters and get an interesting edge with each protagonist.

13.      Super TuxKart

Many veteran gamers will know Super TuxKart, as it has been in constant development since 2006. Earlier versions of this title set the tone for its expansion, with its 2022 release adopting better graphics and immersive gameplay.

Several mascots from top open-source entries make appearances in the latest version. Get an exciting gameplay experience with characters like Thunderbird, OpenBox, Gimp, Tux, and many others.

The game allows racers access exciting courses while avoiding major obstacles, traversing multiple tracks, and retrieving useful power-ups. Get engaged with the story mode and lay your hands on new characters, fresh tracks, and a whole new gaming experience. Gamers can take advantage of the open-source nature of this game for unmatched gameplay without hassle.

See all the exciting characters and take your dose of gaming fun to another level with this game. Several visual improvements and breathtaking features make it a choice racing game for Linux users.   

14.      Team Fortress 2

Many gamers were left bemused when Team Fortress developers turned the original on its head in 2007. Team Fortress’ sequel left the true realistic online shooter genre to a different-themed title. But the gamble paid off and Team Fortress 2 has become a fan favourite among Linux gamers. The game follows a classic theme and sees each team escort carts across a level, ensuring it reaches a given destination.

Players can pick from different classes and get assigned special duties. Several immersive maps ensure players get the gameplay experience of a lifetime across stages.

Team Fortress 2 is mostly available for free and ensures players get a complete experience without much financial investment. You can play through this game without spending, but fancy skins and accessories are available at low prices.

15.      Open-Source Titles

Linux is an open-source platform and its only fair that it gets several open-source titles. These games promise an exciting mix of weaponry, animation, gore, and so much more. Many titles on the platform deliver an unmatched edge of interactive gameplay, modern controls, uniquely-immersive maps, and so much more.

Some of the main games on the platform include:

  • Dark Mod,
  • 0 AD,
  • Brutal Doom
  • Dune 2000,
  • Tiberian Dawn,
  • Red Alert, etc.

Apart from its exciting collection of top-notch games, the best Linux games also come in old DOS classics. Install emulators like DosBox and get an exciting list of Android or Windows games on your devices without hassle.

Final Word

The best Linux games ensure players get guaranteed fun and entertainment without hassle. All games listed above promise gamers the perfect mix of entertainment, intrigue, strategy, and so much more. You can be sure of unrivalled gaming from these titles and get loads of more fun from your Linux system.

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