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Poki is a website run out of Amsterdam by experts to provide free games for everyone. The platform is an online playground with a selection of games to deliver fun and entertainment to players across ages.

Titles on this platform like Temple Run, Moto X3M, Subway Surfers, and many more can create a nostalgic feeling in older players. Other exciting games like Bad Ice-Cream, Smash Karts, Dino Games, and more can be the best option for young kids. There’s a game for everyone on Poki and the website keeps growing to make sure all users have a fun time without hassle!

What is a Poki Game?

A Poki game is any software title hosted through the platform’s official website ( Hundreds of exciting games across categories are available on the platform to give all players an unforgettable experience. Games on Poki can be in single-player or multiplayer, allowing you enjoy your time alone or share exciting moments with friends.

Is Poki Safe for Children?

Poki is a safe website for children. The site ensures young users gain access to educational and fun games to build their creative edge while offering total entertainment. All games for kids on this platform go through detailed checks, so younger users can get a safe and exciting experience on the website.

What Type of Website is Poki?

Poki is a game website that offers dozens of games in 40+ different categories to visitors. Users can access the website and play free games with no need to sign up or maintain an account. Players can engage no pop-up games on all devices and enjoy many available titles through the website.

You don’t need to download or install any application to play games on Poki. The platform ensures all users can enjoy games without installing any add-on or other software.

Why are Poki Games So Popular?

Available on all platforms

Poki games have become so popular since launch as the website offers playable content on all devices. Users can play their favourite games on mobile, desktop, tablets, and other supported devices. The website scales nicely on all devices to allow every user get a premium experience while enjoying their favourite games.

Huge games selection

Poki games are quite popular because they are free, easy to play, and can be enjoyed by everyone. The huge selection of games that make this site popular include:

Adventure games

Poki games in the adventure section are so exciting and promise users more fun across every level. Several fun adventure games like Subway Surfers, Stickman Hook, Temple Run, Pop It Master, and many more are available.

Car games

Drive in your favourite vehicles and stages on many entertaining Poki games. Poki offers a large selection of single-player, two-player, and multiplayer racing games in the car games section. Players across ages can get the car games they love on the website for an unmatched experience.

2-Player games

Share unforgettable moments with your friends on Poki. The website offers exciting 2-player games that allows users play their favourite titles together for a better experience. Poki games allow online connectivity, so you can easily enjoy games with friends whenever you want.

Educational games

Poki delivers an exciting collection of educational games to help players develop a faster learning curve. Popular education games on this website supports kids to build their skills at math, reasoning, spelling, and so much more. Players can enjoy these games and build their learning skills without hassle!

Creative games

Do you need a set of games to help kids form better thinking abilities? Check out the massive selection of ‘Thinking Games’ available on Poki. These games have become so popular for building the creative edge of players across ages and would be exciting options all kids will love.

Some popular games in this category include puzzles, quizzes, and many more.

Is It Safe to Use Poki Games?

Poki games are safe as the website owners clearly state on their pages. All Poki users receive support for their accounts through set security measures to promote safety. The platform also adopts these methods to help ensure total safety of users on Poki:

Quality assurance

All games on Poki go through a quality assurance (QA) process that allows users play only the very best titles while using this website. The QA process checks all games thoroughly to ensure no title contains any element that could spam or hack user accounts.

Safety warnings

Games access on the Poki website are secure; however, the platform cannot guarantee user safety on external links. Poki uses safety warnings to advice users against clicking on external links. Some external links could lead to unsafe websites where users may lose vital data. Poki safeguards against such things happening with timely safety warnings.

Closed gaming environment

Poki uses a “fenced-off” approach to offer exciting games all users will enjoy. The platform ensures every user gets total protection from unauthorized file access at any time.

Poki does not have access to the files or installed apps on your devices at any time, unless you grant the website permission. The closed approach to gaming allows players get the best gaming experience without external threats.

User privacy

Poki does not go all out to collect user data and tries to retrieve as little information of players as possible. The privacy of players on Poki seems to be a priority, and you can enjoy games on the platform with ease.

Poki will not request you to create an account or provide a phone number or email address before you enjoy games. You can log on to the website and enjoy all top games for free whenever you want!

What is the Age Rating for Poki Games?

The Poki website is rated 16 and not meant for kids under that age. According to the website’s privacy statement, any user under 16 years old should not access any content on the main site. However, Poki now has a separate website to serve kids under 16 years old. Players under 16 can access dozens of exciting games on


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