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Players can choose to play on different types of servers, each with their own unique characteristics. These include:

  • Normal servers: These servers have standard rules and are intended for players who want a traditional World of Warcraft experience.

  • PvP servers: Players on these servers can engage in player-vs-player combat anywhere in the game world, with the exception of starting areas.

  • RP servers: These servers are intended for players who want to role-play their characters and immerse themselves in the game world.

  • RP-PvP servers: These servers combine the features of both RP and PvP servers, allowing players to role-play and engage in player-vs-player combat.

It is important to note that, the best server for you will depend on your personal preferences and playstyle. If you are looking for a more competitive and intense experience, a PvP server may be the best choice. If you prefer a more immersive and role-playing experience, an RP or RP-PvP server may be more suitable.

The most populated server in Classic Era

Server Whitemane

Whitemane is a server for World of Warcraft Classic. It is a player versus player (PvP) server, which means that players can engage in player-vs-player combat anywhere in the game world, with the exception of starting areas. Whitemane is a high population server, and it is considered as one of the most popular servers in the game.

On Whitemane, players can expect to find a lot of competition for resources, such as mining nodes and herbs, as well as for quests and objectives. The server also has a strong and active community, with many players forming guilds and groups to progress through content and achieve goals together.

Whitemane is known for its active and competitive player base, many players from around the world join the server to engage in world PvP, Battlegrounds and arena matches. Due to its high population, the server is known for having a lot of queue times for Battlegrounds and instances, this can be inconvenient for some players.

Whitemane is a popular server for World of Warcraft Classic, known for its high population and active player-vs-player community. If you are looking for a challenging and competitive experience, Whitemane may be a good choice. However, be prepared for long queue times and competition for resources and objectives.

Why do people still play Classic Era

There are several reasons why people still play the World of Warcraft Classic era.

First, nostalgia plays a big role in the popularity of the game. Many players who originally played World of Warcraft during its initial release in 2004 have fond memories of the game and enjoy reliving those experiences through Classic.

Second, World of Warcraft Classic offers a different type of gameplay experience than the current version of World of Warcraft. Classic is considered to be more challenging and requires a greater investment of time and effort to progress, which can be appealing to some players.

Third, Classic servers offer a sense of community and camaraderie that is often harder to find in modern MMORPGs. Due to the game’s age and its more challenging nature, players often form tight-knit groups to progress through content and achieve goals together.

Fourth, the game’s mechanics and design are highly valued by some players, who appreciate the slower pace, lack of hand-holding and more complex systems that are present in Classic when compared to the current version.

Finally, for many players, World of Warcraft Classic serves as a way to relive a simpler time in their lives, to remember when the game was new and exciting, and to reconnect with friends and memories from the past.

In conclusion, people still play World of Warcraft Classic era for a variety of reasons, including nostalgia, the challenge and sense of community it offers, its mechanics and design and the sentimental value that the game holds.

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