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Gunrox is a turn-based multiplayer online strategy game that combines elements of strategy, tactics, and team-based combat. It was developed by Enkord and released in 2008. In Gunrox, players control a team of mercenaries and engage in battles against other players in a variety of maps and scenarios.

The gameplay involves making strategic decisions, such as selecting the right mercenaries with different abilities and weapons, positioning them on the battlefield, and planning tactics to outsmart opponents. The game features a persistent world where players can level up their mercenaries, acquire new equipment, and unlock various skills and abilities.

Gunrox gained popularity for its unique blend of strategy and multiplayer gameplay. It provided a platform for players to compete against each other in a turn-based format, allowing for thoughtful planning and execution of strategies. Keep in mind that the popularity and availability of Gunrox may have changed over the years, as online games can evolve or be discontinued.

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These games cover a range of genres, including strategy, tower defense, real-time tactics, and online multiplayer battles. Explore them and find the ones that best match your preferences.

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